It is amazing how low the priority on the health of a car’s tires is on most peoples’ lists – considering how the whole purpose of the car is to have those four circles carry you, a group and nearly a ton of carriage across long distances for long periods of time, the quality status of a tire is under-reviewed and constantly being worn by the physics combining friction, tread and different grades of asphalt; not to mention things we commonly drive over such as potholes, broken road concrete and other road items.

Other than the obvious, other things car owners need to watch out for to help prolong the life of their tires are the following:

* Tires With Low-air.
* Tires With Uneven Air Quantities.
* Too Much Weight Being Carried By the Car.
* Manufacturing Defects.
* Tires That Had Not Been Rotated.
* Driving With a Bad Alignment.
* Damage to the Valve Stem.
* Tire Bead Leaks.
* Alloy Wheel Leaks.
* Vandalism.


The best way to lengthen the lifespan of your tires is to watch for these elements, keep your tires regularly inflated and balanced and don’t overload your car with carriage weight. Eventually those tires will go and need to be replaced. When that time comes, Smokey’s Auto Repair will be glad to service those needs and any other auto problems you may be experiencing.